Does anyone here actually get replies?



I have been on this forum for months, asked 4 or 5 questions, no replies at all.

though my research I have found that LiveCycle fails in many areas.

Adobe has acrobat that cant make expanding fields and LCD forms are alien to Acrobat.

Is Adobe just trying to sell product, regardless of how inept it is?

There are other software that make accessible pdf's aside from Adobe. I will convince my clients to steer clear of Adobe.

Adobe is as horrible as Microsoft products.

'thoroughly annoyed with Adobe'


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

Unfortunately Adobe does not really considers answering to forums as a priority within their development,

they rather let the community to share their knowledge between each other...

if any question you have asked is not well known by the community, there might never be a solution to the issue because we're basically all end-users using the application without any support from Adobe

The only support for LiveCycle Designer, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Reader are this forum, some cookbooks (blogs) from others which use the application like you and me...

I understand your frustration towards Adobe, but unfortunately the only support you can have here will come from users instead of Adobe staff and developers...

Only some very technical questions will be answered by the Adobe staff and/or redirections from a forum to another if you have asked the question in the wrong forum...