Does any one know how to take an existing PDF with a table into LiveCycle to make it flowable?



I have a document that is set-up in tables which in those tables there are boxes that are labels to be comment boxes that need to be flowable and allows page breaks if need be. I've search tutorials and still can't seem to figure it out. Do I need to design the entire thing in Designer or is it possible with a PDF to Live Cycle Designer?

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Converting AcroForms to LiveCycle Designer forms is tedious I find.

  • If you are using an JavaScripts in the AcroForm you'll need to edit them to work with LiveCycle Designer.
  • I also find hyperlinks and email links disappear.
  • After conversion, I generally wrap content into logical subforms, this helps with the control of what needs to be reflowable and what not.

Depending on how well forms are structured this can be a messy task, on occasions I partially or fully recreate the forms from the ground up in LiveCycle Designer as it's quicker than patching up a bad conversion 😉



It does prompt that message, when I sleect it allowing it to be flowable, I can't modify the table that was already in the PDF to become flowable? Would I have to create the table directly in the LiveCycle?



When you open a non-LiveCycle (i.e. AcroForm) form in Designer, it will prompt you to either use a fixed format (Foreground XFA, and more restrictive), or flowable (allowing the functionality you want). If you are not receiving this prompt, then the form is likely a foreground XFA form. You can confirm this by clicking Edit, and looking at the Replace Artwork icon. If it is not grayed out, then the form is foreground XFA.