Does Adobe still release service Pack for LiveCycle Designer?

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Answers (4)



I believe this is because LiveCycle Designer follows the versioning of the LiveCycle suite, while AEM Designer follows the versioning of Adobe AEM (CQ).



@jnicholas330 - Thank you very much for the link. I just got around to installing it tonight and things are working great.

Funny, I own Designer ES2 and ES3 and recently purchased ES4 because I was told I could change the Page Zero default message associated with XFA forms (i.e. "Please Wait..."), but later found out this is exactly the version I needed (e.g. AEM Forms). Even so, I always thought all AEM components were sever-based...I didn't know this could be installed via Windows OS.

Last you know why there are two versions of LC Designer if AEM Forms supersedes ES4? The standalone version of Designer ES4 has a version of 11; whereas AEM Forms is 6.1.0...? More importantly, AEM Forms isn't really shown in the spot-light...I would have never run across the link you provided despite looking for it several times in the past. Is Designer ES4 marketed more for general customers/consumers whereas AEM Forms is more for LC Enterpriser customers? Just trying to understand why AEM Forms isn't front-and-center if it's the latest version of Designer.



Correct me if I'm wrong,  but my understanding is that AEM Forms is part of the LC enterprise platform, vs a standalone project like Designer. Thus, I'm asking about updates to LiveCycle Designer, specifically. For example, Designer ES2 had several standalone service pack updates (fro Designer), but it seems Adobe no longer releases such updates despite Designer ES4 being the latest version.

If you're saying AEM Forms Designer "supersedes" Designer ES4, and that it can be installed as a "standalone product" on Windows (vs being a server product), then please point me to the correct link for purchase/download.