Do you have to download extension or plugin to view in LiveCycle Rights Management?

nodro 03-08-2015


Do you have to download extension or plugin for any of the LiveCycle products such as Designer, Server, Digital ID, etc. I am looking for a DRM service that will make a downloaded pdf expire.

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nickm58494165 25-08-2015

No plugins or extensions are needed if you are opening LC protected PDFs in Adobe Reader/Acrobat. I have not had success opening protected PDFs in any other viewers other than Adobe's own products. An extension is required for MS Office files (32 bit office only). Also - there are many options for making the documents expire when you want them to, globally or by user.

_Sid_ 25-08-2015

correctly stated by nick. usually Adobe rights management works for PDFs, but you can get plugins to get protection option in MS Office as well.

You only need the plugin if you want to protect or read MS Office files:

Adobe - information security | Adobe Document Security for Adobe Experience Manager Forms/LiveCycle ...

_Sid_ 10-08-2015

LC Rights Mgt (now called AEM Document security) is an enterprise product.

It's a policy server which integrates with your organizational directory, and then members can create their specific policies restricting access to specific users on that LDAP.

The same policies can then be applied to PDF documents, by connecting Acrobat with your policy server.