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I have a formCalc scripts referencing in a subform instance that's set at zero and remains "hidden" on initial opening of the file.

Script debugger windows kicks in when the file is open saying there's an error cause there's not instance of it yet...

Can I disable the script debugger window?

Thanks in advanace!

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Answers (7)



Hey shawnFMU​, Here is the code to do a simple sum of table column values: (you will need to change the path)

[Calculate Event]

$.rawValue = Sum(FORM.Page1.Body.PaymentTable.MultiPaymentRow[*].AmountPaid);

Here is the code to sum multiple fields:

[Calculate Event]

$.rawValue = InitialAmount.Totalprice - PaymentTable.Footer.AmountPaidTotal;//You can also use '+'

Both are form calc, put the code on the calculate event for the object that you want to set.

Hope that helps.



I guess it's reasonable to say Designer just process FormCalc differently than JavaScript.. which leads to limitations.

With that said, does anyone know a good place to learn a crash course on how to write up a sum script in JS.

Sounds like I need to know Var and ++i++ and real programing stuff.

All I need is two examples.

Field A needs to add up table column values from fields "aa" and "bb"

Field B just needs to add up table column values from "cc"



Designer tries to process the FormCalc. There may be a way to bypass the error but I am not sure how. It will basically ignore the JS error and continue to work.



Having it be in JavaScript would be better than in FormCalc?

I guess the question would be, why would FormCalc trigger an error/alert message?