Disable invisible mandatory Drop down list



I can not submit my form because I can not disable a invisible Mandatory DDL.

I have try: form1.PageA.Sub_B.Table2.Row1.DDL.mandatory = "disabled"; but does not work!

I control this DDL from another DDL with a script on change:

switch (xfa.event.newText)


case "Kimel":

form1.PageA.Sub_B.Table2.Row1.DDL.mandatory = "disabled";

form1.PageA.Sub_B.Table2.Row1.DDL.presence ="invisible";



I am using this Function to validate my form:

function Ex1ValidFields()


   var bRtn = false;

   var aErrMsg = [];

   var rgEmpty = /^\s*$/;

if(( form1.PageA.Sub_B.Table2.Row1.DDL.rawValue == null) || rgEmpty.test(form1.PageA.Sub_B.Table2.Row1.DDL.rawValue))


if(aErrMsg.length == 0)

      bRtn = true;


app.alert("One required fields below have not been filled out:\n\n   * " + aErrMsg.join("\n   * ") ,4);;

return bRtn;


Thanks for your help

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If you do "hidden" rather than invisible does it have undesirable effects on the layout of your table.

Also, what if you were to disable the DDL by changing the access instead?

form1.PageA.Sub_B.Table2.Row1.DDL.access = "protected"; //readOnly also disables, but protected disables tabbing for the field as well.