Diagrams with LCD ES3



Hi out there,

we want to make one diagram including multiple lines and bars.

I forgot to mention, that we are using adobe livecycle designer ES3
Is this generally possible? Can we find somewhere any examples?

I would really be happy about any information

Answers (2)

Answers (2)



Wow thanks a lot! That really looks helpful!
Yes i'm talking about bar charts, but also about Line Charts
(e.g. something like that: LiveCycle Blog: FormCalc Diagramme Teil 4 - Liniendiagramm//FormCalc Charts Pt.4 - Line Chart),

and the best would be to know:

1. are line charts possible?

if yes:

1. is a simple example available? + Is a combination possible (lines and bars in one graph)?
if yes:

2. if there's somewhere a simple example for such a combination

Thanks a lot