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development license expired - anyway to recover


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I received an error message after logging into admin console (Jboss turnkey , Win 7 64) that licensed expired. 

I then selected the license type: NFR (two year eval license).

Now after logging out of admin console and re-booting the system, I can no longer access admin console.  Error message ( service is not available).

Also noticed that configuration manager reports errors when starting and stopping the service (however from win7 service console, I can manually start and stop  LiveCycle).

Looking for insight on how to get system working, again.  Thank for any help or insight.

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Level 3


The system is now working normally again (can access adminui and workbench).  Not sure what fixed the problem (performed some shutdown/restarts).  The good news is that the development license type now shows NFR (two-year eval license) vice EVAL (60 day license).