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I often work on LiveCycle projects where an application generates a populated XFA form and then I have scripts occurring on the initialization event to further utilize the populated data.  The method I have always done to accomplish this is to create a subform with "mergefields"(textfields) containing data binding.  When the application loads data into the form, the scripts reference those mergefields and further actions/calculations are done with the data in those fields. 


The mergefields subform can be cumbersome to create as I have to cut/paste or drag and drop the fields in them.


Is there a better/cleaner way to approach what I am trying to accomplish?  I tried using the Referenced Objects section, but the data is not "loaded into" those fields during forms generation.  The data connection is XML.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Assuming a sample XML like that:





Instead of creating fields and bind them to $.section.field1

You can use in scripting xfa.record.section.field1.value

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