Define URL field in adobe livecycle designer es2

Vilks 24-02-2020

Hello adobe experts!

I work with adobe livecycle designer es2. Version

I have created a form that contain text field. 

Field format defined as "reach text".

I need to display on this field some text arriving from a database field.

And then, if a user click on this field  run this field as URL field with value of another database field.

Please, advise.

Thanks a lot!


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AdamJoel79 14-03-2020

I am not sure what exactly you are trying to do without an example. Would you be able to share a form with only the few fields you need changed and perhaps I can come up with a solution?


I assume that its a rich text field that is bound to a database string that needs to be converted in to a proper url format then display the new info it acquires?