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Date/Time Field


Level 3

Dear All.

As pic 1 in the attached file. I would like to get date via button in the rectangle in red only.

also prohibit entering date directly as pic 2 in the attached file.

Please let me know how to set it up.


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Level 10

Hi, I don't think you can do either of these things with a standard date control.  I you are using positioned content (as opposed to flowed) then you could develop your own control. This sample might get you started, https://acrobat.com/#d=BEYBtTQ7tF-VgbeaI2*zbg.  There is a fair amount of code and I never used this in a 'real' form so it probably still has some bugs and is almost completely comment free ... but might get you started.  This link includes the fragment source, https://acrobat.com/#d=1KU*MHS8GZNudWKMtMPIhA.

Hope it helps, Bruce


Level 3

Hi Bruce.

Thank you for your answer.

have a great weekend.