Date Function is not working in adobe reader



Hello Everyone ,

I have create a pdf file using adobe livecycle .

I add a below code .

var today = new Date();

this.rawValue = parseInt(today.getMonth()+1)+"/"+today.getDate()+"/"+today.getFullYear();

When i run a pdf file in adobe livecycle ,current date is filled in textfield using above code .

But , when i save this file and open in adobe reader or adobe acrobat pro , then above code is not working (not giving error).

Please check review problem and give a solution .

Thanks in advance ,

Ronak Patel

Answers (4)

Answers (4)



Hello Sir ,

I am using Adobe liveCycle ES2 and Adobe Reader 11.0 .

Above code is work , but if i am pass Datefield value to date object like below code then it give correct date into adobe live cycle but when i used in adobe reader then it give me invalid date .

I am attached two document , plea

My Code for below output : -

var ch=new Date(xfa.resolveNode("form1.page1.DateTimeField1").rawValue);


se find and replay me .adobereader.png

Thanks and regards ,

Ronak Pateladobelivecycle.png