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Hi Everyone!

I have a complicated form situation. I'm trying to have it calculate when a person can start working on a report (Date C) based on the day a project ends (Date A) and the day the report is due (Date B). We have a set scale for when the Date C should be based on the difference between

The form has 2 dates that are entered by the user (Date A and Date B). I managed to calculate the difference between Date A and B that gives you a numeric value ( x days ). I need the form to calculate a third date (Date C) in that range based on the length of days between Date A and B.

The form currently does Date B - Date A = x days in javascript. Now I need the form to do the following:

Range CalculationCalculating Date C
if x days is ≥ 90 days    then Date C = Date B - 15 days
if x days is ≥ 30 and ≤ 89 days  then Date C = Date B - 10 days
if x days is 29 days ≤ 10 days    then Date C = Date B - 5 days
if x days is > 10 daysthen Message pop-up (We cannot accept an [x days value] less than 10 days without manager approval.)

From what I understand FormCalc is better with dates but I'm not as experienced with that language and I know I'm missing things.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Dove into FormCalc and answered my own question.

var pDate = Date2Num(Date A.formattedValue,"MM/DD/YYYY")

var mDate = Date2Num(Date B.formattedValue,"MM/DD/YYYY")

var kDays = mDate - pDate

if (kDays >= 90) then Num2Date(mDate - 15)

elseif ((kDays >= 30) & (kDays<= 89)) then Num2Date(mDate - 10)

else Num2Date(mDate - 5) endif

I'm managing the pop-up in a secondary way.

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