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Ivica1987 16-01-2017


Just recently we discovered something that looks like a bug on date fields. When I write the date 01.01.2017 and click Tab, the date changes itself to 01.01.2016. It seems to happen on every date field.

Here is an example:



after Tab or mouse click, to


I tested and found that this only happens when you write the first day in January. If I write for example 05.01.2017, then after Tab it stays like it was written.

These forms have been made using Livecycle Designer ES3.

Did somebody had similar problems? Is there a way to solve it?

Best regards

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Ivica1987 03-02-2017

I was also thinking to make the 01.01.2017 the default date but it seems that Adobe fixed the problem with a update. Here is the link with the description: 15.023.20056 Optional update, January 19, 2017 — Acrobat and Adobe Reader Release Notes.

Please try it out to see if the problem is solved. I tested it with a form and it worked normally.

Best regards

krys1700 01-02-2017

I got the same issue. The workaround I use is to default the date to 01.01.2017, then if the user doesn't click on the field it will stay there if needs other date there is no problem to change it.  It's not ideal but the best I could get.

Ivica1987 27-01-2017


I made a similar question into another forum. Luckily, I received a fast answer. This issue with the 1. January appeared with the latest updates to Adobe Reader. Try to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version from October 2016: 2015.020.20039.

On this version the date fields were working normally. I hope Adobe will fix this with some future updates.

Best regards

AL0001 27-01-2017

We have a few forms which have been in use for a couple of years and have discovered this same glitch.  It only happens when entering 1/1/17, either manually or with the calendar drop down - all other 2017 dates are fine. We're using ES4.  I haven't been able to find a solution yet, but I'll let you know if I do.

These entry fields could, of course, be changed to plain text, but I'd prefer to know why this is happening rather than put a band-aid on the issue.  Also, many people like the calendar drop down so I'd rather not revert to just manual entry of the date.