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Data import for users of forms created with Livecycle Designer


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I have seen several posts regarding data import for forms created by Livecycle Designer but nothing that helps with something I am trying to accomplish.  I can create a data connection and import information in a form but what I would like to do is import data, then send the pdf for completion to a user.  There are a few data elements that I have available and the rest of the information comes from from the user.  The problem I run into is once I create a data connection, the pdf is ALWAYS looking for the source file for that data.  I simply want to prepopulate some fields and send to the various users for completion.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Which type of Data Connection are you trying to create?

XML Schema, Sample Data File or WSDL?

Creating any one of first two types(mentioned above) will only create schema and will never import any data into PDF.

If you create the WSDL connection, you can surely import data (i.e. prepopulate data) into your PDF and forward it for users review/fill.

If I misunderstood your question, please get me clarified.



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i am facing the same problem with a form that the client will be changing the excel file always and he wants it to be imported to the pdf.. but the file has the same structure always.. can you help please. if you provide your email i can send you the files to see if there is no bother