Data extraction from a set of text fields and more than one document




I got a specific task to finish and I'm trying to find the best solution to perform it. Let me start from the beginning.

The current task involves checking (manually) the set of filled in text fields in multiple documents ( the same document page, different value in text fields). The person doing this task has 150 pages of the same PDF file and needs to go through each one of them to see if the values in text fields are correct.

My question is, is there any way to automate this process using LiveCycle Designer, and if so can you give me some guidance into where/what should I look into? tExample I have in mind: Instead of manually going through the same pages over and over, those pages would be uploaded/scanned and the script/ or other form made in LiveCycle would check multiple files and collate values from text fields.

I hope I put it simple enough and without unnecessary confusion. I will appreciate any hints/ guide/ points that will help me move forward with this project!

Oh and just wanted to add, I'm not looking for complete solution, just help with navigating me on right path

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You can make a PDF in Designer to iterate through its document attachments to extract the data you need.

Create a table with a repeatable row and button with code like this:

var doc =;

for (var a=0;a<doc.dataObjects.length;a++){

  var newRow=Table1._Row1.addInstance();//Name of the repeatable row to store the collected data

  var oDoc = doc.openDataObject(doc.dataObjects[a].name);

  var oField = oDoc.xfa.form.form1.myForm.NameField; //fully resolved SOM expression of the field to extract

  newRow.DocName.rawValue=doc.dataObjects[a].name;//Add the document name

  newRow.FieldValue.rawValue=oField.rawValue;//And the value of the field


Use the paperclip to attach all the files you want to extract the data from and it will store it in the table in the PDF.