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I have an Adobe interactive form with a data connection that calls an SAP rfc-enabled function module.  The call works fine but it is to return a value in the data connection response.  I know the function module is populating the return variable and the form field binding to the response is correct but it never shows up.  We are on Live Cycle 9.0, with SAP EHP7.  The wsdl and soap connections all look fine. I've tried data connections as "regular" and "execute", have used both hierarchy text fields and directly dragging the data view response field to the form.  I've played with various permutations to the soap and wsdl url's.  The response value is needed so the user see the result of the action (triggered by a button on the form).  Don't know what else to try.  Like I said, the call to the SAP function module works great, it's just the response I can't get back onto the form. Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I finally resolved the issue myself.  Looks like a bug to me.

In my interactive form, I have a button associated to data connection EXTRACT which calls an rfc-enabled function module in SAP called Z_LEMS_EXTRACT.  This function module returns a string result called E_MESSAGE.

The returned E_MESSAGE was then bound to a form text field.

The generated xml code defined the binding as


I had to manually change the xml code to


This was determined by referring to another interactive form that was created under a previous version of Live Cycle Designer and a previous version of SAP,  It used "\Response." and worked properly.  So I applied the same coding here and it works.

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