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Currency Option in Form


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I have created a form where the user has to enter a payment amount which can be $, £, €, CHF, etc is there an easy way of allowing them to do this in a numeric field as the form will automatically pick up the default locale?

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You have two options.

In the File > Form Properties > Defaults tab, you can set the locale for the whole form. One option is to specify the user system locale.

Locale 01.png

If you want to do it on an object-by-object basis, you can specify the locale in the patterns dialog:

Locale 02.png

Note that in the patterns dialog, "default locale" refers to the setting you have in the File > Form Properties > Defaults tab (see above).

A word of caution, if the user's version of Acrobat/Reader or their OS is set to a different locale, then you may get different results.

You can also change the locale at runtime. See here: http://assure.ly/hVcqlj.

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