creating assembly descriptor on aem forms 6.3 workbench

AEM_USER1 03-12-2019

In adobe lifecycle workbench es2 we were able to add an assembly descriptor. that has been depecrated on AEM 6.3 forms workbench


this is the workbench on aem forms 6.3  but how do i go about creating an assembly descriptor ? thanks


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GirishBedekar 06-12-2019

login to adminui and then import the lca by clicking on the import button and then click on deploy to deploy the application

then go to workbench and do File -> Get Application


AEM_USER1 04-12-2019

workflowuser​ I think you mean SetValue not SetVue

so here is my process so far... i get the doc data and the output is the xml from the pdf



there is a gap between the get doc data and the set attachment count and name

here is the SetValue operation which set the count and name of the attachments that comes from a list ( which i believe is the xml map of documents you mention before)


it then writes the attachments into a already created folder


then it moves into incrementing the counter.

I am still missing where do i place the DDX in this process...

AEM_USER1 04-12-2019

no the map of documents is process variable that you will create....

like this?


you lost me on the "setvmakeup component" is that part of the process? a service operation? remember i am not on workflow i am in workbench.

can you please send me or copy and paste in here the workbench screenshots?


AEM_USER1 04-12-2019

here they have everything on JEE and will be moving into OSGI in the future. So i am working with AEM forms 6.3. I hope i can import easily if you send me a package since i am not the admin.

"you create a map of documents with the key equal to the source name defined in the xdp and the value is going to be the document from which you want to extract the attachments"

so this map of documents will be inside of the xml below?

FileAttachments result="attachmentInfo.xml"

with a key  = doc3.pdf (or any name)


The source name can be anyname

you create a map of documents with the key equal to the source name defined in the xdp and the value is going to be the document from which you want to extract the attachments

you then pass the map of Documents to process

let me check if I can quickly create a sample process

One quick Question can you move to OSGI workflow ?

AEM_USER1 04-12-2019

thank you very much workflowuser below is the DDX I put together based on the example. I do have questions


in the process I understand that the first step will be to extract the XML data from a given pdf and that is the attachmentInfo.xml that will have all the information of the attachments inside.

the nameKeys "*" wildcard is so that all document level file attachments be returned.

the source..... based on the DDX I already know the source name "doc3.pdf" what if the source name is not known and you want to process any pdf with different names? or is it a rule that you have to know the source filename?

is there a way for you to create a process where you input a pdf with attachments then extract the xml and add the DDX and extract them into a directory? can you zip that process or application?

thank you in advance



well, then just create the DDX file manually and use in the process

go to page 83 that has the sample for the DDX for extracting the file attachments

let me know if you need help in creating the DDX

AEM_USER1 03-12-2019

this is under other. and no it is not urgent but very important that i  learn what replaced the assembly descriptor in AEM 6.3. I assume that option was deprecated. What i am trying to accomplish is getting attachments that are inside a PDF document.


What’s under other? If this is urgent

you can create the assembly descriptor using notepad and place it In the application in workbench