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Creating a repeatable Signature Field


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I have a Signature field i'm trying to create new instances of inside of a table/subform.

It's giving me an error saying The signature field cannot be repeatable.

Is there a way around this so that i can still create multiple signature fields? My form requires me to have a signature field for each Review Table created.

The user creates a review table and once that review table is finished, theres a signature at the end of it that is required from the user.

The user can create multiple review tables. Everything else is repeatable. JUST THE SIGNATURE FIELD.

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I have the same issue. Did you find a way to get the repeating signatures?


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Hi zfg0,


I manage to get mine working. Although, it's not really a repeatable subform or signature field.

I simply made a template of the signature field within a subform, copy / pasted that subform 'x' number of times figuring they wouldn't need more than that number of signature for my form's purpose. As soon as they click the plus(+) button to add a signature, it simply set the next subform's presence to visible. And vice-versa if they need to remove a signature field, simply set the last subform's presence to hidden.


I hope this will help you.


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Hi Magus,

Thanks for the idea! Does your method put a signature after every new row? Or all of them at the end? I need them after each row.




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The only reason why you need more than 1 signature is because more than 1 person needs to sign the form.

If one person has to sign the same form multiple times, you might want to re-analyze how to develop your form.


The way I did it was, I created 5 identical subforms that are not instances of one repeatable subform.

The signature fields are within each subform and if they wish to add signature, they simply click on a plus(+) button to show the next signature field. This way they cannot have more than 5 signature fields.

The subforms are not part of a table with rows, it is simply 5 separated subforms part of the form's design.