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Hi I am hoping someone can help.  I have an adobe form which I can not change.  The form has individual boxes for each of the 4 values of a year, 2 for month and 2 for day.  These are all individual boxes that a user enters for example if a person puts in todays date they would enter 2 in one box 0 in another, 1 in another and 6 in another for the year and also 2 digits for the month and day.  This part of the design I am not able to change as the form belongs to another organization.

First I am using adobe Livecycle ES-02.  I have used concat to put together a date like YYYY-MM-DD.  However when I go pull the value of the concatenated variable it returns zero.  How do I format my concatenated variable to read as a date.  Ultimately I am trying to put in a condition that says if today's date -the concatenated variable date is less then 5 years then do this.  I can not do that because the concatenated variable is not reading as a date.

Below is the code which I use formcalc.

On ready layout

var date

date=Num2Date(Date(), "MM/DD/YYYY")

var Sepdate


Here is more code so you can see what I am trying to attempt ultimately.  I have added the message box because I wanted to see the value of Sepdate.  As I said it comes up as 0.

On Exit

date=Date2Num(date, "MM/DD/YYYY") - Date2Num(date, "YYYY-MM-DD")


var DateDiff=Num2Date(date,"YYYY-DD-MM")-Num2Date(Sepdate,"YYYY-DD-MM")

Any help would be appreciated

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Hi there,

I can see you're error, within LiveCycle you can't declare a variable in an event and use the variable in another event. Even if it's in the same object.

To do this you should have a global variable or a script object that holds your variable and then you access it from any event!!

Hope this will help ya!