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Hi, I am using Adobe Livecyle Designer.  I am turning an existing questionnaire into a form ES4.  The question has a short line and then a full length line for the next set of lines.  I have a few questions that are like this (see example below).  I would like to keep the format intact as not to waste the space. Is it possible to create an irregular shape text field?  If not possible is there a way of filling the first line and when full it jumps to the second line automatically like an auto return?  Maybe a script?


This is an example of a few of the questions on the form that I need to create.  The form has a shorter line then has an additional line after that in my question.  __________________________________________________________



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Hi Delano29,

Welcome to Adobe.

Please use below prepared form as example for you. it will take the extra text in to the next text field as you requested:

the form:


The code :

form1.Page1.line1::ready:layout - (JavaScript, client)

// Get the value of the text

var numchar = this.rawValue;

// Slice the text from the 70th character

var numchar2 = numchar.slice(70);

// Replace the sliced characters with the remaining characters

var res = numchar2.replace(numchar2, numchar.slice(70));

// Set the value to the next line

line2.rawValue = res;

// Set the value of the first line to the sliced remaining

this.rawValue = numchar.slice(0,70);