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Hello guys,

For starters, sorry if the title isn't the best description to my problem.

As you know livecycle Designer has a little limitation working with tables, that is, not being able to merge rows.

As you can see in the following image marked with a circle my workaround is to just setup some free space below where i want the aditional titles in the header row and push the two field texts with solid borders on to the place. My problem now is... i want that row to be on the next page if i increase my table enough (Header Row in subsequent pages)... how can i copy those 2 titles("Original/Atual") together with the Header row. I hope i've made myself understood and that i'll have your precious help guys! Fire away!




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Accepted Solutions (1)




thanks for answering Magus. My problem would still happen using the "Include Header Row in subsequent pages" because those 2 boxes saying "Original and Atual" are actually 2 Text positioned there, and not cells from the Header Row, so they wouldn't appear in the next page.

Since you can't Row Merge on livecycle, that's the workaround i found to get the layout i wanted..

But i just found out another way and i'll leave it here incase someone has something similiar happening...

This works with the "Include Header Row in subsequent pages" option. Basically i turned that cell object into a flowed western subform and put 3 text boxes inside of it with corret dimensions obtaining the same layout and making it all part of the HeaderRow therefore solving my problem.

Thanks anyway guys.

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Answers (2)




Hi there,

if you select your HeaderRow in the Hierarchy and go in the Object Palette of the HeaderRow,

then click on pagination there you have options for the header row and one of the options is "Include Header Row in subsequent pages"

Hope this help!