Count If Values in Dynamic Nested Tables

redbaron07 03-08-2016

Have an expanding table nested in another expanding table.  Attempting to count the number of times:

The value in the "DateTimeField2" field in the last row of the nested table on the previous row of the main table is equal to

The value in the "DateTimeField2" field in the first row of the nested table on the next row of the main table.

This one is driving me nuts, any help would be greatly appreciated.  Here is what I have so far.  Thanks again!

var sumDCD = 0;

var dcd = this.resolveNodes("RowX[*].Subform2[*].Table1[*]");


for (var i = 1; i < dcd.length; i++)


var row = this.resolveNodes("RowX[*].Subform2[*].resolvenode[" + (Table1[i-1]._Row1.count - 1) + "]");

if(dcd.item(i).DateTimeField2.Row1[row].rawValue = dcd.item(i-1).Row1[0].DateTimeField2.rawValue)


sumDCD += (dcd.item(i).Row1.DateTimeField2.length);




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