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Copying information from one repeating table to another repeating summary table?


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I have designed a dynamic form with a Table 1 (Investigator details) to be completed at the start to provide a list of investigators. This is a repeating table, and I have added buttons to add / delete an investigator (i.e. add/remove a row). I also have another repeating Table 2 at the end of the form to allow the investigators to be listed so they can insert a signature image (signature table).

Is it possible to set this up so that when one adds an investigator (row) in Table 1, a row is added automatically to Table 2? I then want the Title First name last name to copy into the "Investigator Full name" cell in Table 2. Can this be done and keep the automatic renumbering of the rows in both tables?

I am not sure how to upload a file to show you what I have, so please let me know and I can send a copy directly.

I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions for a code to do this.



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