Copy hierarchy string to object?




Does anyone know if it's possible to copy the hierarchy string to an object's location in a form? I'm not sure I'm even expressing the question correctly, but I am helping to update an XML form in LiveCycle ES4.  (Example: form1.subform1.client.TextField1)

Here's the situation:

  • We are customizing the reset button to make the presence of the fields that were initially visible/hidden reset to their first state
  • The form hierarchy is REALLY complex, so it's going to take ages to manually type in each object's location
  • It would be SO neat if we could just scroll through the hierarchy, select a given object, and get that object's location as a string so we can just go back to the reset button and paste it into each line.

Is something like this possible? I'm reasonably comfortable with JavaScript now, so feel free to throw ideas out there if you have them. Thanks in advance for your assistance!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

there's a way to select an object and dynamically type in that object's location into the code.

How to proceed :

As long as your text cursor is displayed in the code, LiveCycle should automatically type in the location of that object within the JavaScript.

Note: if you scroll down in the design, the text cursor will probably disappear, so you should click once again in the code to ensure that your text cursor is rightly placed within your code.

Hope this will help!