Copy Date value from Design Page to Master Page

JayZukafu 03-07-2015

Hi All,

I have a table with one of the columns as the Date Field in Design Page. I have one Date Field in the Master Page.

As and when user enters the date value in the table in the Design Page ( Content Area ), one of date values must be dynamically populated to Date Field in Master Page.

I tried with different paths but its seems not be working. My concern is, Can we copy a value from Content Area to a field in Master page?

Please share your thoughts and Suggestions...



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jasotastic81 06-07-2015

In the exit event for the field whose data you want copied to the master page:

form1.pageSet.Page1.Text1.rawValue = this.rawValue;

I'm making a couple of presumptions here: 1) The name of your master page is Page1 and the name of the text field is Text1, and 2) that you're handling the formatting elsewhere, or you don't care about it.

If the formatting does matter you can try this.

form1.pageSet.Page1.Text1.rawValue = this.formattedValue;