Content won’t save in Currency Field with Acrobat Reader



Hi all,

Our form has been created with LC Designer. The field is a currency field. I edit the field with Reader Version 2017 and save the file. When I open the file again with the Reader Version 2017 the content disappears. When I open the same file with all other PDF Readers: Chrome, IE, etc. the content is still there, could be edited, and saved.

Only with the Adobe Reader it is not possible.



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Hi Karl,

If you are not against making a complicated form a little more complicated, there is a way around it that you could try.

Create a Global Variable, store the field value, save the form and then bring it back on load.

  • Right Click your form in the hierarchy and select Insert Script Object.
  • Give the script object a name - i called it vars for this example.

          Enter var currency;

  • In the form pre-save event (javascript) enter:

          vars.currency = currencyField.rawValue; //where currency is the global variable and currencyField is the problem field.

  • In the form initialise event (javascript) enter:

          currencyField.rawValue = vars.currency;

Before the form is saved, the currencyField value will be stored in the global variable. When the form is next initialised, the saved variable is returned to the currencyField.


Its worth a shot. Otherwise, when i have had problem forms I have just rebuilt them.