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ConnectNow server availability


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This has been happening since last Friday - when I run my
app, it hangs.. not getting a response from the ConnectNow server.
This happens also for the Cocomo Dev Console when I attempt to
enter the meeting room. Seems like some server issue, maybe
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Hi c_a,

I'm guessing you've run into a quota limit. Could you give
us the account name in question? Also, if you add an event listener
on ConnectSession for "error", does this show anything?

In a related note, we've discovered (thanks to reports like
this!) that we're not throwing RTEs in cases where quota limits
have been exceeded. We've fixed this problem for the next beta
drop, which will be available soon.

thanks, and let us know



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Yeah, I added an event listener, and nothing shows. I sent
you a private message with my account info.