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Hi there!

I am currently working on a database related with my PDF as a stand alone.

I was able to have my PDF connect to the database to hold the information in the PDF...

The database will be stored on a website which will also store the PDF to be downloadable.

Right now the PDF needs to be updated each time the database is updated. I've managed to have a functionality which will store each data items from the database inside the PDF.

This fix the problem of not being able to connect to the database with Reader because it holds the information inside a table hidden in background.

So then each time the PDF is opened it creates an object to have the information collected from the database to be easily manipulated.

Afterwards there is some issues... the PDF is showing the connection string to the database each time it needs to connect to it.. when it is opened with Adobe Acrobat Pro

it should not be a problem if the website's domain is the host for the database (which I conclude that the website should be managing the data transfer), so instead of showing the connection string it should show the website domain... right?

1. If so is it possible to have reader connect to a Database? (If yes, is it kind of bad for security?)

2. Is it possible to have Adobe Acrobat Pro restrictions to connection to the database?

As it is now, each time the PDF is opened in Adobe Acrobat Pro, a connection to the database is applied and the PDF is also being updated at that time... Once the update is completed, a save is required to keep the data of the database inside the PDF, this way it can be shared and used with Reader with the updated information. The connection to the database doesn't requires more than 1 connection since each fields are connected to a dropdownlist and then transfered to another dropdownlist to keep data updated in the PDF...

I've tried using Stefan Cameron's functions to change the queries to the database which actually is not really helpful as it requires a new connection for each queries...

Thanks for any help!

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