Conditional required fields not working

Ivica1987 22-12-2015


I have a problem with conditionally required fields. It works only partially. I will explain the situation:

I have a dropdown field with values from 0 to 9 and there are other fields: date fields and several text fields. The other fields become required if the selected values from the dropdown are either 2 or 6.

The problem is when I go from the value 6 or 2 to some other value then 2 and 6 in the dropdown. In other words, the other fields don't become optional after they were required. I was using the change event for the dropdown with java script as script language.

Here is a more simpler example with a option field which I also tried:


after that I click option 1:


and it's still required, although it shouldn't be. This time I was using the click event.

I used the script from this thread: Conditional Required Fields

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks and best regards

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Ivica1987 08-01-2016

Thanks for the example. It helped me a lot.

I found a way. The problem was that one of the conditional fields was an option field. From the option field I made a dropdown and now it seems to be working. I will make a better test on monday to see if its working like it should.

Thanks again for the help.

arvindkumar7 08-01-2016

if (dd1.rawValue == "1" && dd2.rawValue == "1") {

NumericField1.mandatory = "error";


else {

NumericField1.mandatory = "disabled"; }

Put this code in both dropdown exit event, dropdown values are taken as text not numbers so always put "". Its working great here.

See sample below.

Dropbox - mandaotry II.pdf

Hope this would help

Ivica1987 08-01-2016

This was some small example that I wrote when I made the post. On LiveCylce I tried it with different but similar formulas. I even used selectedIndex or boundItem instead of rawValue but it didn't work.

Ivica1987 07-01-2016


Sorry for reviving this thread but I need some help.

I know how to make conditional required field if one field has some specific value but how to make the same with 2 fields. Example:

if (field1.rawValue == 1 && field2 == 2) {

date1.mandatory = "error";

dropdown.mandatory = "error";


else {

date1.mandatory = "disabled";

dropdown.mandatory = "disabled";


I tried it with this formula but it's not working. The fields are still optional.

Ivica1987 22-12-2015

It works with option fields but what if the option field is a dropdown?

On the drop down it works only in validation but not perfectly.

I have a dropdown with values from 0 to 9. Values 0 and 1 are making the other fields optional and changing it to other values makes the other fields required or mandatory. It works if I go from 6 to 1 directly on the dropdown but if I go from 6 to 5 and then to 1, the other fields are still required. I need to switch directly from the value that makes the fields required to the value that makes the other fields optional.