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Is there an activity or service I can add to a process in WorkBench that will allow me to automatically complete a task that has been deadlined?

Here is what I am doing: A work item is assigned to a user. There is no complete button on form and the work item is intended to sit in their work list for a period of time. Once the deadline has passed, the work item should complete itself. Currently, we are doing this by setting the status from 101 to 100 with SQL statement. I know that Adobe does not recommend modifying tasks in this way, so I am wondering if there is an alternative that is supported?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I tried using the web service, but it complained that it needed a login/pw from the user that is assigned the task. A username is no problem, but no way can I get a password (that I am aware of, anyway). It complained about this despite the security tab of the ProcessManagementTaskService having 'allow anonymous access' turned on and still complained if I turned off the need to authenticate.

This caused me to look for yet another solution and I found one using what I am guessing is invoking the exact same thing but in a different manner. I dragged the "completeTask" operation of the "Task Notification 1.0" service from the Process Management category. I needed to supply the task ID and the username of the assigned user. This seems to have done the trick.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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Answers (4)



You could always invoke the "complete" action on the ProcessManagementTaskService found at the following URL:


Drag an "Invoke Web Service" activity onto your process after the assign task deadlines and pass it the task ID from the Task Result output.