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Cloning rows after saving


Level 1


I designed the form ( with several tables) in the Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4 and saving it as dynamic PDF.

All I want is to fill it out, save a copy of that in hard drive and then email it as a attach file.

I open document in Adobe Acrobat Pro and  Save As Other  > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools (includes Form Fill-in & Save).

When i  open the new file, some of the rows in the tables have been cloned.

Why does the file saved in Adobe LifeCycle Designer ES4 have a different layout from the same file saved in Adobe Pro?

PS.I don't want any XML data file or any thing else, I want real completed document in PDF.

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Level 7

When you preview the file in LCD's preview PDF tab, does it clone the rows? I use Acrobat Pro with LCD ES2. The Preview PDF tab should look the same as if you had opened in Acrobat Pro.


Another thing to try is to open the file in Internet Explorer (if using windows). IE is fully compatible with Dynamic Forms. Just drop the file into an IE window.


Level 10

This happens because of a inconsistent form design: You propably used the same or none namings for form objects (textfields, rows etc.) in different levels of forms hierarchy and have not defined data bindings for their parent objects.