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I have a document (dynamic but not interactive) with the first choice subset that contains 8 paragraphs any one of which needs to print.  I have wrapped these paragraphs as subforms in a choice subset and based upon a value in another field passed in one of these paragraphs should print.   Javascript reads PARA.value == 1;   for paragraph one,   PARA.value == 2;   for paragraph 2, etc.   however no matter what value is passed into the template, paragraph one always prints.  What am I forgetting? 

This happens in 3 separate choice subsets using different indicators  PARA, PARA1 and PARA2.

Values for PARA1 is PARA1 == 'X'  otherwise no paragraph should print.  (the paragraph always prints regaredless of value passed.)

Value for PARA2 is PARA2 == 'X"'  print paragraph one     PARA2 != 'X'  print paragraph two.    Which ever paragraph is first always prints.

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