Checkbox raw value displayed in Text box when checked

dabigcactus 11-08-2016

Hello All:

I would call myself a beginner when it comes to LiveCycle, so this question most would probably be considered pretty easy. I'm wondering how I can display a checkbox's raw value into a textbox whenever it is checked.  My form (form1) consist of several checkboxes with unique names on a different page ("page2"), while my textbox appears on "page1".  My goal is to populate my textbox with the unique names of each check box followed by a comma after the box is checked.

How would I about coding this?  Should I put this code on each checkbox or the textbox? Which tab would I put it on (i.e Calculate, Click, etc.)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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dabigcactus 17-08-2016

Hey tehnologiai5660965

Thanks for your response. Much appreciated


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lucian_bota 12-08-2016

Hello DBC,

The rawValue of a checkbox refers to it's state and thus is a number, so it's rawValue is 1 if the checkbox is checked, 0 if it is unchecked and 2 if it is neutral.

Take a look at this example i made for you, based on what I understood you need.

Specially look in the change event of the checkboxes as that is where the code is.

Good luck and I hope it helps.