Characters shown in editor but not on print



Hi all,

i'm using Adobe Livecycle Designer ES V8.2.3 on a SAP system Enviroment.

I've encountered some rendering problems for characters from Armenian language.

When I copy/paste an Armenian text on the layout editor i can see them and they are correctly rendered.

When I generate the PDF the characters are replaced by '?' as the font used (Arial Unicode MS) does not support them.

I already verified that this font in correctly installed and up to date on our machine.

I tried to open other PDFs with those characters rendered on this font and they are shown with no issues.

I even tried others font (that support Armenian language) but the issue persist.

As result i'm not able to generate PDF that contains Armenian charachters even if I can see them in the layout editor.

I believe that there are some problems with the generation of the PDF.

Is there someone who got this or a similar problem?

Thanks in advance for your time


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