Changing object from Hidden to Visible



Hi guys,

Currently struggling to get items that I have marked as hidden (exclude from layout) to become visible. At this point I am trying to get different objects to become visible depending upon which radio box they select. I have tried adding the Javascript for one of the radio boxes as follows:

if (form.main.status1.sessionwaitlisted.rawValue == 2)

  { = "visible";


This has continuously failed... And since then I have download the most recent version of LC, where I can select to add an action as per screen shot..


However, I am still unable to get the action to work when I am in preview mode. I achieve nothing..


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi melo,

Since i coudn't see the "email" field on the form, i couldn't say whether there is any issue with the script that you have used.

But, please try using the following script instead:

xfa.resolveNode("").presence = "visible";

Also, make sure that you are not hiding the subform that has email object in it.