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Changing datefield object


Level 2

Is there a way to change the appearence of an date field?

By this i mean, when you enter the field, the calender button gets visible. I want to have this button visible at all times, and maybe change the way it looks.

If that isnt possible, is there a way to make a custom object, that can call the very same datefield "dropdown" through code or anything?

Thx in advance..

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Level 10


As far as I know you cannot change the appearance of the date/time dropdown (other than border and fill). The action of the triangle/button in the dropdown is fixed.

I don't think putting an image of the triangle/button will work as a workaround. It is more likely to confuse the user.

Thom Parker has an example of an AcroForm which has a scripted date dropdown. But it is quite a bit of scripting that would need to be translated to LC Designer javascript and would probably not be worth it. www.pdfscripting.com is a paid subscription service.

Good luck,



Level 2

Ok ill just have to accept that it aint something we should use.

i was hoping it could be done on Object-level, and didnt use any, or very little, scripting to implement.

Thx alot for your answer though.