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Certified dynamic form with 3 signatures


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I've never made a certified form before and I'm having trouble understanding the process. Does anyone have a generic certified form that I can use as a guide or an indepth article explaining this type of form?

What I want to happen is for the features bar (Help and Radio buttons, and Clear button) at the top of the form to become invisible after the first signature is applied. The features bar isn't a legal portion of the form. It becomes a distraction for one wanting to archive a .jpg copy and it would look better for it to just disappear on signing.

The form is dynamic otherwise the Radio button labels won't go invisible on demand.

Adobe's instruction aren't helpful. They state one must change the "Preserve scripting changes to form when saved:" to manual and write script for the preSave event and use the delta property for a certified form. There are no examples of this that I can find.

The problem I'm having occurs when the form is signed in all 3 places. There follows a list of all the changes made to the form after signing.

The signing flow is from left to right. Prior to the last signature, the signer checks an approval/disapproval box and dates the decision. The last signature (on the right) locks the form using the "Form Object Collections..." statement modified to suit the situation.

Any help is appreciated.



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