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Cannot Remove Extra Line Spacing


Level 2


On my layout I have some text fields that are loading data from different tables. These fields can have multiple values. I have created a subform, and inserted a table into the subform. This table has a row that allows multiple values on the binding tab. The field value is also setup to allow multiple lines, and additional values. I can get all of the data to populate correctly, but for some reason the spacing is off. When I view the layout it looks like it is a 1.5 or double line spacing in between each entry of that field. I have tried going into the paragraph properties, layout properties, and fint properties. On the Object tab for each field I have the field format set to Rich Text. I have no idea what is causing this spacing to occur. Does anyone have any ideas?



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Level 10

Hi Andrew,

Sounds like you are looking in the right areas,  I guess I would start deleting one field at a time and hopefully finding a culprit.

Happy to have a look if you can host your form somewhere and post a link here.




Level 2

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the offer. Since the line was a row from a table it was pulling additional values (or additional rows into the display as well). So on the layout tab I had to make sure that the upper and lower entries were set to zero. Otherwise the design was trying to put that space in between each entry, instead of just adding that extra space after the last entry inserted into that field.

Best Regards,