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cannot export default value when exporting to XML using web service


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Hello All,

In Designer, I create a new data connection (XML Schema), and bind 3 fields to the nodes, these 3 fields have default value in order to distinguish each form. For example, formLanguage=E, formVersion=1.0.0, formType=form1.

After applying reader extension to the form, I use web service API to export the form data to XML ("soap/services/FormDataIntegration?blob=mtom").

In the XML, i cannot find the default value of 3 fields. the nodes are empty.

In order to see the value of them reflected in the generated XML, I have to open the form, save it, then their value will be shown.

One more observation:

I fill in some other fields in the form with data, but keep those 3 fields with default value untouched. This form is copied to another machine. In that machine, do the export, although the XML generates the manual-input data, it doesn't have value for these 3 fields.

Do you have any suggestion what I can deal with it? In order to identify and distinguish the form, am i doing the wrong thing from the beginning?

Thanks in advance!

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