Can't import XML form data via Acrobat DC



I've created a moderately complex fillable form using LiveCycle Designer ES4.  After completing the form, users click the form's Submit button to email their data (in XML format) back to us.  Upon receipt of the XML attachment, we use Adobe Acrobat X to import the data back into a blank copy of the form.  It works well.  However, our IT dept. says we must decommission Adobe Acrobat X and move to Adobe Acrobat DC (they are not keen on moving to Adobe Acrobat XI because they think that it will also soon reach the end of its support life).  Adobe Acrobat DC is supposedly capable of importing form data (as explained here) but I can't get it to work.  I make it as far as the second step in the "Import form data" section of that Adobe help file, then I'm hit with this error message: "This form cannot be edited in Adobe Acrobat DC,  Please use Adobe LiveCycle Designer to edit this form."  That's a confusing message, in that I'm not trying to "edit" the form; I just want to import data into the form.  LCD ES4 can't import data, so it looks like I'm stuck.  Can anyone suggest a viable workaround?

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We are currently testing Acrobat DC and a user brought this bug to my attention today. What you are looking for is the "More" dropdown button that contains options including Import/Export Data and Clear Form. The "More" button appears in the right-hand pane when editing forms, however, if the form was designed by LiveCycle designer, Acrobat won't let you go to the form editing screen and thus you can't get to the More button.

The workaround, I found, is you can add the More button to the Quick Tools toolbar and just access it that way:

- Right-click an empty area in the toolbar and select "Customize Quick Tools..."

- Expand "Prepare Form" and click on "More Form Options" and click on the plus/up arrow to add it to Quick Tools



Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately, I see no such option in Acrobat DC (see below).  Those options do exist (and work) in Acrobat X (and maybe also in XI) but they do not appear to exist (or work) in Acrobat DC.Untitled.png