Can't hide cells in a table



I am using a table to design the questions and answers on my form.I have a row with four cells and I'd like to have cell 1 be a question to answer with Yes/No radio buttons in cell 2. Then I would like to have cells 3 and 4 be another question and answer fields depending on how the radio buttons are selected. If the answer to the first question is Yes, then the content of cells 3 and 4 should be made visible.

I've gotten this to work previously, however, in this table, the Hide (exclude from layout) option in the Presence subsection is grayed out. Can anyone help me know why the option is grayed out?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I have not tried this previously but tried it just now.

what I found was that Hidden was greyed out. To change this I wrapped my field within the cell in a subform. I then added the second field. Now when I go to layout Hidden is no longer greyed out. BTW just wrapping it in a subform is not enough to make the Hidden available. I had to have more than one field within that subform for it to work.