Can't add the option to enter a manual signature (ink signature) in adobe reader X into a form created in LiveCycle 8.0




Have been doing a form for my company with dropdown menus, dynamically changing pictures etcetera. I have been using LiveCycle 8.0 , everything works perfectly fine using the form as an end-user would do, nevertheless I can't seem to manage to make the form have the function of manual signatures (ink signature) for end-users to sign it in Adobe Reader X. I have "enabled usage rights in Adobe Reader" in Acrobat and I can save the form when using it in Reader X and everything.

I had a test document in which I tried out different issues and experimented with certain concepts (so just a majorly ugly document with a few images, dropdown menus and text fields) . And when I do the same procedure for that form, there is no problem to add the "Extended -> Apply Ink Signature" on that finished pdf form in Reader X. So I try to have all security settings the same between the two forms and get the same behaviour for my real form. But I can't get that to work.

I have tried setting the "PDF Security" to not have passwords and stuff. But one thing I notice, in the "mockup form" the "File->Form Properties->PDF Security", both "require passwords" promts are unchecked, to not require passwords, however the subcategory of the "permissions" say (however grayed out):

"Printing Allowed: High Resolution"

"Changes Allowed: Any exept retracting pages"

"Enable copying of text, images and other content: checked"

"Enable text access for screen reader devices for users with vision impairment: checked"

"Enable plain text metadata: checked"

In the main form, all these subcategories is left unchecked, which then wouldnt allow changes. So what I did, was check the "require password" and checked all these boxes to have the same look as the other document. And then unchecked the password so I had the same options as the mockup form which I could sign with everything enabled and grayed out, and then I press ok button and leave the config. But if I open the same options straight after, all these changes went back to how it was when I started... Making me believe there is something in my form that automatically blocks the functionality of signatures (beyond electronical signatures). And while on that subject NO, electronical signature won't suffice, this is a document that will be presented to a customer out on site that doesnt have access to his own computer and files.

So is there something with my document that makes it unavailable to use manual signatures? And if so what features disable this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I must be honest, that I am really really new to livecycle, javascript and programming in general (only had minor C education before).

Quite certain my problem was I was trying to be able to sign a dynamic document, and seeing that a dynamic pdf can change its layout etcetera both commenting and signatures are disabled by default for that file type..

Have been redoing this document that needs to be signed in a static version now, which of course limits it some but now it works.

Regards, Mattias

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