Can i reference an external Javascript?




I made a dynamic PDF-form in Adobe Live Cycle which has 4 pages.

On each page there are 16 similar rows, each rows contains 3 different elements.

The first element is a text field, the second element is a Drop Down Menu and the third element is an EAN13-Barcode.

Once the user entered a valid code and ".exit" the text field the DropDown-Menu gets updated and only has specific choices depending on the value of the text field:

if(this.rawValue == "9H23")







After the user selected a specific value in the DropDown-Menu, the related Barcode gets updated via JavaScript:

if(this.rawValue == "xyz1")


     EAN.rawValue = "1234567891011";



The Challenge:

Sometimes we get new products and i have to update the PDF-form. It is not only time consuming but also prone if i update all 16 rows on each page manually. So my question is: Is there a way to reference an external JavaScript code? Or load the same JavaScript code for all text fields and Drop Down Menus so i don't have to copy&paste the code for each element? Is there another way to get this problem solved?

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It might be a bit low tech, but i use in-form storage for some forms i have done. I have hidden text fields and built a dialog for updating the textfields within. I never need to modify the actual form in livecycle, i just save new information into it as needed.