Can I make a form field accessible without using captions?



I am creating a large form for a local government using LiveCycle Designer ES4 (11.xx). I have downloaded and installed SP1.

My form contains rows of radio button choices, and I would rather not use a caption for each radio button, but instead use a table header row that has the value for that column of choices. (Those are radio buttons that are made to look like check boxes, fyi.)

I have created Tool Tip and Custom Screen Reader Text for every radio button group, as well as a Tool Tip and Custom Screen Reader Text for each radio button choice. Unfortunately, the LiveCycle Designer ES4 Accessibility Macro gives a warning that each "Field as no caption." despite the fact I set the Custom Screen Reader Text.

My first question: is the form accessible as is? If not, is there a solution that will present the form as shown to those with vision but still be accessible to those without?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Screenshot 2015-11-02 09.07.39 copy.png

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