Can I change ordering of pages in script?



Hello, my question is quite straightforward, I wonder if the possibility to reorder pages in a form by script exists?

Just as a short description, my form is sort of a work order/checklist but when finished I want to be able to reorder the forms pages to create a report.

My first thought was that it would seem as a trivial thing and that there would be some kind of possibility to change the page number of each form page or something like that, but I havent found any information by googling unfortunately.

I most often come up with some kind of way to get around limitations, and what I am thinking about otherwise if there is no easy way to move stuff around by script is just having a duplicate page in the "other place" hidden at first, and to "move" a page I simply hide the page where it's first and then show the duplicate page on the secondary place.

Still this would be quite cumbersome, having to have a few duplicate pages and scripting every field to have them synchronize. So I had hoped for some xfa.layout. shenanigans? Is there a way to actually reorder pages in script, or do I have to play hide and show?

(On a side note, I don't seem to find any reference material on the xfa.layout object? does that exist somewhere, as I have a problem finding it in the regular reference material. Using LiveCycle Designer ES2 btw.)

Best regards, Mattias

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Assuming that you only want the report to be printed, you can employ the solution in the blog below:

Multiple Top Level Subforms

Essentially you will be authoring two "forms", one for interactive (Acrobat) use, and another or printing.