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Calling one action from another


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I have a two-page form (actually 1 form w/ 2 subforms), and each page has a Reset Form button. Using Action Builder, I need to script the same multi-step action for both buttons. Is there a way for me to write it once on page 1, then call it from the ResetButton2.click action on page 2?

Since both Reset Form buttons will be repeating the actions taken in the form1.docReady action, can I somehow call form1.docReady from the ResetButton.click action?

Is there a way to do this using Javascript?


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You can "click" a button remotely using JavaScript. However I don't think you will be able to achieve this using Action Builder.

For example JavaScript in the button on page1 will fire the script in the click event of the button on page2:


The exact relative reference will depend on your form's structure.

Hope that helps,