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Calculate the difference between two dates - in Years and Months - not days


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Let's keep this simple. I want to do THIS: Calculate the difference between two dates - Excel in LiveCycle. Is it possible?

Four columns. Two dates. Two different results:

Start Date/Time Field |  End Date/Time Field |  Years |  Months

Easy peasy.

I can't find a complete answer anywhere. I think this solution would help tons of people.

Thanks for your help!

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One way would be to use a library like MomentJS, https://momentjs.com/ .  With this library you could write code like;

moment("2016-06-05").diff("2014-01-01", "months")                for complete months


moment("2016-06-05").diff("2014-01-01", "months", true)        for a fractional value


moment("2016-06-05").diff("2014-01-01", "years")                   for the year value

Here is an example, MonthsYearsDiff (https://sites.google.com/site/livecycledesignercookbooks/home/MonthsYearsDiff.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1 ), of using this library in a situation like yours, refer to the code in the calculate event of the

MonthsYearsDiff subform.

There is some other examples of date handling in this blog, Adobe LiveCycle Designer Cookbooks by BR001: Date handling in Livecycle Designer ES forms