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formerizer 13-08-2017

I can't seem to get Livecycle to resolve the row nodes.


TypeError: taskResolved is null

Each Row is named as follows:





(They are not dynamically named, hence I can't use resolveNodes)

The path is correct since the following works and shows the presence detail:

textbox1.rawValue = form1.sfMGR.sfCheckList.sfMainItems.Table10.Row22.presence;

(NOTE: The code is shorted to isolate the problematic code, the ultimate goal of the complete code is to count how many rows in the table are set to presence = "visible")

What is wrong here?

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formerizer 13-08-2017

It turns out, when tables are manually named, they have to be put in the following form:

for (var i = 1; i<24;i++)


var tasks = "form1.sfMGR.sfCheckList.sfMainItems.Table10.Row";

var taskResolved =  xfa.resolveNode(tasks + i);